Get Healthy


Arms sitting                                 “Welcome!

I am a Health and Fitness Coaching and by starting with your unique life and needs, I can help you craft goals and routines that will fit your lifestyle, body and preferences, whatever they may be.

 If you like to exercise outside, I’ll build routines around hiking, running, biking, or more. If you find cooking and shopping challenging, I’ll visit your kitchen or even take you grocery shopping. If you’re not in Southwest Virginia, I’ll support you through phone calls, texts, emails and Skype.

 Our relationships with our bodies can be uncomfortable, especially when childbirth, health problems or plain old time and stress, add pounds and take a toll on our self-confidence. I’m here with a compassionate ear and a whole lot of encouragement to help you break through those frustrations and realize your health and fitness goals.

 My goal is to help you reach your goals as quickly as possible while having fun in the process. Whether your goals are to gain muscle, lean out, get fit or become a better athlete, I can help you launch those dreams and arrive at your desired destination!”